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About Us - Why Peter Parts Electronics?

We’ve never tried to be all things to all people. Instead, we’ve concentrated on doing a few things exceedingly well: buying the very best electronic products from offshore manufacturers, doing value added work and contract manufacturing, while lavishing extraordinary service on our customers.

Finding the Best of the Best. A lot of companies make electronic parts. How many? We’ve found over 4000. And we have detailed product information on most every one of them – one of the largest libraries of its kind in the world. Some of these suppliers are better than others at what they do. But which ones? And what – specifically – are they good at? Do you know? We do. For every one of the more than 4000! Of those, we have personally visited, inspected and closely scrutinized more than 400. We probably know more about their capabilities than they do themselves. Our inspection processes are extensive and exhaustive. And unforgiving. Frankly, most of them didn’t make the cut. Only about 80 of the 4000+ were good enough to make our supplier list. And we do most of our business with just 20 of them. These companies are the best of the best at what they do. Their expertise is unquestioned, their reliability, world class. PPM and PPB quality levels are routine with these manufacturers. Through us, they supply their own brands of sight, sound, power and assembly products to many of the largest companies in the world. You would recognize the customer’s names instantly. They define the Fortune 1000. These giant companies have the ability to shop anywhere on the planet. They chose Peter Parts Electronics. Why? Because we supply them the very best parts from the very best of the best manufacturers. And we give them the four things they absolutely must have to compete:

Quality. Price. Delivery. Service. How would you like all four... for a change?

Quality. It doesn’t get any better. Do you know who makes the best LCDs in the world? The best Custom Transformers? LEDs? Speakers? Power Supplies? Die Casting Parts? Metal Stamping? Finished Assembled Circuit Boards? We do!

Most of these relationships extend back decades, and through us they supply the world’s best parts to our customers. If only the very best of the best is good enough for your products, we can help you answer the question: "Who makes the best ______?" We know.

Price. The dollars you pay now are only the start of your real costs. Somewhere – in LA or Laramie, Buffalo or Bent Fork – one of your products has the possibility of failing. With luck it will be something inconsequential – a TV, a stereo. And it will fail in your plant. With bad luck it will be something a bit more important – an explosives detector, an airport security system, a medical device, an airbag or anti-lock braking system – and it will fail in the field. You’ll fix that product wherever it fails. And be responsible for it. But your product costs will increase. And your profit will decrease. Poor quality does that. Buying the very best parts now is always a good investment. It will save you a lot more money later. It’s that simple – we bring you the best.

Delivery. What you want, when and where you want it. Nearly every day, a giant container with millions of electronic parts lands on a West Coast dock from somewhere in the Far East: Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Every week additional parts come in by air. Many of them have our address on them. And all of them are very quickly reshipped to our customers. Customers who don’t have to pay to warehouse, inventory, account for and redistribute those parts. Because we do it for them. Those people have much lower total product costs. You could too.

Service. Without it, quality, price and delivery mean nothing. Peter Parts Electronics has become a large electronic parts suppliers here in North America by delivering what our customers want: extraordinarily high levels of quality, low price and on-time delivery. Combined with an overall level of customer service that our customers don’t want to give up. We go the extra kilometer in highly visible ways – guaranteed product quality, for example. And in nearly invisible ways – like extended office hours so we can communicate with our suppliers anywhere in the world and get answers back to you quickly. Our customer satisfaction levels – which we monitor continuously – are extraordinarily high.

Is the likelihood of complete, total, unequivocal satisfaction good enough for you? Quite probably. Is it good enough for us? No. We’re always working to make it better. And that, as they say, is good news for all of us. We’ve never tried to be all things to all people. We’ve concentrated on doing a few things extremely well. And from all reports from the people who matter most – our customers – we’re doing pretty well at it.

Please give us a call, we would love to help you!

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