Contract Manufacturing

Plastic Injection Molding Highlights
  • In-House Mold Design and Build

  • Mold Flow Analysis

  • Horizontal and Vertical Molding From 35 to 950 ton

  • 2 Color Molding

  • Insert and Over Molding

  • Fine Tolerance

  • Robotic Part and Runner Removal

  • Decorative and Secondary Post-Molding Process

  • Assembly

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Plastic Injection Molding

Peter Parts Electronics offers extensive services in plastic injection molding and die cast that includes molds of Class 101 through Class 104 mold design and construction, Class I, II and III insert molds and die cast dies. Our molding services include machine capacities from 32t to 950t, affording you access from the smallest optical parts to assemblies for that go into your appliances. In addition we offer in mold decorating, in mold product assembly and complete secondary and decorative services to complement our service package.

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Our CM Capabilities

Peter Parts Electronics is your global resource for contract manufacturing. We have helped countless customers reach their contract manufacturing goals. We specialize in Circuit Board Assembly, Plastic Injection Molding, Value Added Assembly, Metal Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Turnkey OEM Products. Watch our short contract manufacturing video to learn more. How can we help YOU?
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