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  • Automated Secondary Assemby

  • Manual Assembly

  • Electronic/Mechanical Testing

  • Environmental Testing

  • Force Testing

  • Life Testing

  • ROHS Certified

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Value Added Assembly

It all started over 25 years ago with a question. As a major speaker supplier to the U.S. automotive industry, we were asked "Can you solder lead wires to all our speakers, millions of them?" Our answer was "YES!", and that started our value added support for our customers. Today we do a tremendous amount of value added manufacturing and we manufacturer custom parts and assemblies. Folks come to us and say "This is the standard version, can you make the following changes so it better fits our application"? What are your needs? We will customize the solution that provides a high quality subassembly or finished product. And it will make your life much easier!

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Peter Parts Electronics is your global resource for contract manufacturing. We have helped countless customers reach their contract manufacturing goals. We specialize in Circuit Board Assembly, Plastic Injection Molding, Value Added Assembly, Metal Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Turnkey OEM Products. Watch our short contract manufacturing video to learn more. How can we help YOU?
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