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Intervol Rochester

InterVol began in the late '80s when our founder, Dr. Ralph Pennino, saw firsthand while doing volunteer work in developing nations that what they most desperately needed were things we throw away every day: unused medical supplies and functioning medical equipment. What started as a small collection of rescued items now fills two Rochester, NY, warehouses, totaling 20,000 square feet!

Begun with just a small group of doctors, nurses, and allied health personnel interested in volunteering their services, the concept evolved into our Volunteer Medical Professionals Program, which is active today in countries all over the world

For more information, please visit the Intervol Rochester website.

Executive MBA Program at Rochester Institute of Technology

Peter Parts is a graduate of the Executive MBA program at RIT. This two-year Executive-based program is designed to develop future leaders and general managers in organizations serious about improving customer satisfaction, product quality, and organizational success. Using practical approaches to improving business results and increasing personal productivity, participants in the program work in teams, studying a curriculum that focuses on developing management and leadership skills.

The program is structured in an interactive fashion, and the emphasis is on cross-functional integration. The topics covered are those taught in the traditional MBA program. Peter is not only a graduate of this highly rated program; he is also on its Board of Advisers. Peter and the company regularly participate in the program, including sponsoring the annual "Sharpen The Saw" day.

For more information, please visit the Executive MBA Program at Rochester Institute of Technology website.

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